Help needed to create Pipe along with bents

Hi, new to Dynamo and Revit!

Could someone point me in a right direction on how can i create pipe from point A to B along with bents in Dynamo?

P.S: A simple script to solve the above mentioned problem in Dynamo would be greatly appreciated :wink:

try MEPover package by @T_Pover. It will surely get your things done

Thankyou for reaching out!

I looked into the MEPover package and looks to be really useful. I created two pipe elements and then tried to add an elbow connector but failed. Could you please look into my script and find out the flaw?Pipe.dyn (56.4 KB)

can you show me a picture of the output of your script? i do not have the pointcloud data you are looking for.

but from the looks of it. this should work.

Amazing. It did work. Thankyou for the quick reply and hint! Appreciate it!