Create a Pipe from Point A to Point B



Hello friends, I’ve just started using dynamo few days ago. I’ve created a basic graph that creates two point (A,B). Now, I would like to create a pipe whose open-end becomes point A and its close-end becomes point B as shown in the following image below but I’m struggling doing it in the dynamo, would appreciate if someone provide any guide that would help me to achieve this functionality in dynamo. Thank you

Connect Pipes With the Series of Manhole

Check out the MEPover package for some useful nodes towards this end.


Thank you @JacobSmall for sharing some starting point to look into. The package seems interesting, have started reviewing it. Hope will come with some solution soon today. Appreciate your help.


Thanks @T_Pover for publishing the amazing package ‘MEPover’. It helped me to play with pipes easily. And thanks @JacobSmall for sharing this info with me. Appreciate your support. Here’s the solution if a beginner wanted to see.

Connect Pipes With the Series of Manhole

for more info, read the following thread