Connect Into Sprinkler And Pipe!


Can I ask a question ?

I created sprinkler by coordinates and I created pipe from CAD but I can’t connect them

I want connect into two sprinkler on a pipe but I didn’t searched document and I understand about it because I have just used Dynamo three day ago

Can you help me?

Thanks you very much…!!


Hi @lenhatminh078

Don’t ask same questions many times @T_Pover has already replied you in this topic.


Just added a new node to MEPover package: Element.ConnectInto
It handles a variety of connection setups, but don’t go too crazy, it doesn’t work as well as Revit’s own ConnectInto function.


I cann’t find Element.ConnectInto node in MEPover package v2017.4.1.
Does it changed?


For some reason it was removed from my folder, but luckily I found a backup version. It’s in version 2017.4.2 now.




Cant understand why it’s not working.


pipe type? properties, routing.


Hello, Wuillian!
Thanks for responce.
Pipe is default UK Revit template. I draw single pipe segment and couple of sprinklers. Nothing special.
Am i doing something wrong or forgot to do something?


Hello Vadim,

The node expects a bit more than a single pipe segment and a couple of sprinklers. If you look at the examples in the above post you’ll see that the elements are connected to open pipe ends. In your case you would have to at least model a piece of pipe from the main pipe towards each sprinkler.


uh, in a former life i was also dealing with sprinkler connections @T_Pover
you might want a bit more control to the amovers this one node might be
a good start to get what you want.


can you explain the code of what you demonstrade ?
I am looking to into an installation of ± 8000 sprinklerheads, manualy connect into is not an option …


yeah that sounds like a good use for this graph… or buy AutosprinkRVT.:slight_smile:
here is a good start, older post that could get you going.

I’m planning to complete a few variations with data-shapes for workflows.
that include fitting options and auto-hang.