Equivalent of single tab-select (MEP)?

MEPover has Elements in connected network but that gets too much – similar to 3-tab-select.

I want to only select the initial connected Conduit And Conduit Fittings starting with one Conduit.

Anyone know a way to do it programmatically in Dynamo?

@truevis If you use conduit without fittings, then you get a “conduit run” between each connected item. There a few forum posts about how to use conduit runs in dynamo.

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I did it. It is rather clunky but works. The logic is to get all Elements in connected network of selected Conduits, find all their Conduit Run IDs and compare to the each selected Conduits’ Conduit Run IDs. Thence, add back in the Conduit Fittings & selected Conduits.

Finally, a practical use for Conduit Runs!
Get Conduit Run 1-Tab.dyn (31.4 KB)