End cut of beams

Hi All

Is there a dynamo script where I can select a beam and it will cut the end or both ends at a particular angle? I dont want to select each individual beam and splay it at 50 degrees


If you are looking for a script that is already pre-made, then you will not find something like that. These forums are not set up that way.

Have you tried searching the forums for anything similar?

What have you tried, if anything?

My first guess is that you will need to isolate each beams bounding box and then have Dynamo use that info for a reference plane placed at whatever degree you want. What will be difficult (maybe) is the Corner Cut command under the Steel Connections. I have not seen many (any?) scripts that go that far into the Steel Ribbon, especially with connections. Not saying it can’t be done . . . .

Try and post something, and hopefully others can than help you along the way.

well theres this script which disallows joins. I suppose the same principle can be used for end splays. But not sure what is the script for end splays. Ive looked into the journals but that doesnt give me what Im looking for.