How to cut diagonal and vertical beams by using Dynamo?

Hello people,

I am facing a problem. After running my Dynamo script I get a truss but this truss is not exactly what I am looking for. I would like to cut the diagonal and vertical beams in this truss because they’re too long.

Normally speaking I would create a reference plane and then I would cut the object in question by using the reference plane.

anybody knows how to tackle this problem by using Dynamo so that the beams have the right length?
For reference I will share a pic of what the desirable output would look like.

vakwerk type 2.dyn (86.4 KB)!

Quick thought:
How about to calculate the members slope then insert it in equation to offset centerline of the upper and lower HZ members by this calculated value then intersect the diagonals and verticals with those offsets geometry to get the new exact location of diagonals and vertical members.

quick sketch attached.

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Hey Ahmad,

I will have a look. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your advice!

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