Beam/column joins change

Hi there,
I created a steel structure in dynamo with Structural Design package by following this tutorial:
It created the frames with a pitched roof which is fine by me however I noticed that the sloped girders miter connect to each other at ridge level.
I need them to be straight cut: I can achieve that manually in Revit via the beam/column joins command.
Is there a way to accomplish the task in Dynamo?
Thanks in advance for your help.


can you provide a sample file and your script to know your progress?


please see attached dynamo graph, 3D structure model and a PDF file with description of the beam-column joins I wish to change in Dynamo.
Thanks for your help.

BeamColumnJoins.pdf (207.0 KB) ProvaStrutturaPortale2.dyn (248.7 KB)

hi @paolo.pozzoli

check this ProvaStrutturaPortale2.dyn (254.7 KB)

i also made changes in the column braces:

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Hi @blsalvio,
thank you for your contribute and help: your solution is working!
However I did find other issues arising with the bracings and columns.
See attached pdf description file (page 2) and my revit file.
BeamColumnJoins_R1.pdf (301.1 KB) ProvaCapannoneTutorial+DynForum.rvt (2.1 MB)

Thanks again.

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