Elements Copy to Multiple Views

Hi there,
I have this script here
Where I would filter out a list of views by name from an excel file. Everything seems to by fine until i try to use the same list as a destination view for to copy my elements too. It looks like it isn’t registering the views as views so nothing happens when I run my script. Is there another node that I need to use in order to copy the same selected elements into multiple views?

There’s a command for what you want in Revit itself.
So may i ask why dynamo?

Tags need not just a view but a host element.

We deal with a lot of views and it takes us a lot of time to do it. we figured we might as well save have it automated to same time

In Revit, select your Tags and copy to clipboard.
Go to, paste by selected views.
In views where the host elements are not visible a ? will appear

Yeah, I completely understand that and I know that’s a way we can do it its just that our goal is so that everyone else in the office can use this script and it’s something we don’t have to worry about. The application of this is mostly to contribute to the overall workflow in our office.

The Tags have a host on the view so that’s not the problem

And you told the Dynamo created tag what their host is?

Unless I am mistaken and the ‘copy to view’ node accounts for that?

It should account for that because I did a test, instead of using the filtered list of views I used just one view just to make sure that the “copy to view” node works.

I have the same problem, I know that Revit already have a tool to do the same, but in case I have a lot of view in which I want to copy the element, i was looking to automatize it.

I´m trying to copy the Plan Regions from one view to all the others views of the same level, but the different discipline.

Don’t know why it’s not working on the model, but the node don’t give any warning.

Thanks in advance!

I was able to use a different node since the Rhythm Package on dynamo was giving me problem. Instead I use a different node from Springnodes and it did the trick.

This is my final script:

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