Copy from view to view MULTIPLE times

For [reasons] i want to copy elements from one view to another multiple times.

For example;
Level 1 1_100 to Level 1_50 then
Level 2 1_100 to Level 2_50 then
Level 3 1_100 to Level 3_50 etc…

The Rhythm node let you do this only one at the time and does not allow list input.

Any solutions for this problem?

NB i don’t know Python.

Did you already try playing with list levels?

No, but how would this be a possible solution?
As it seems the node simply does not accepts a list as input.

PS I am fairly new to Dynamo but i already made a few working graphs (by trail and error)
as i am learning on the job.

What error does the said node give you when you try inputting lists ? (Could you please give us a screen of the said error and the previews of all the nodes showed ?)


The node does not really give an error (when is use lists).
After the run is ‘completed’ there are no changes made (the elements are not copied).
So it runs, but does not apply changes.

If don’t use lists (so elements are copied from view A to view B) the node works…

I’m using Dynamo 2.0 so maybe the node is updated, but even without list levels it works…?

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Please show the previews of all the nodes when ‘it is not working’, and write down the expected result. I suspect that the inputs you are giving to the node are wrong/you are not using the correct list level.

No custom node should not work while using lists larger than the one it was designed with in the first place, it just has to do with the inputs you give the node (refer to @GregX post) .

Getting there…

I recreated your graph and that one works yes.

What is wrong with my orginal?
(tried to copy more then one Category and used Rhythm node instead of the Spring node)

In your last image does the node give “null” because you did not run the graph or because there was never an output? maybe the outdated node did not work. When custom nodes (the ones that appear to be multiple nodes stacked one on top of each other) don’t work as expected i normally double ckick them (or right click/edit),copy all of their content and paste it in my canvas, so that I can see what is not working

Almost there :grinning:

I replaced the Rhythm node with the Spring node (in my graph) and now i dont have “null” anymore,

The problem i have now is that only the Tag gets copied from Level 1 1_100 to Level 1 1_50 and only.
the Text Notes gets copied from Level 2 1_100 to Level 2 1_50.

NB Did some testing and it seems only the Springs node works with lists.

Try something like this (you can click on the little arrow to set the list level)
edit: the last node is a flatten
Setting “view @L1” Iets me run the node for each view (red and orange rectangles) and then for each category (green and pink lines), then i just flatten the category lists so that the elements are in the same list

Yes! That works! Thank you @GregX.
Posts like yours help me enormous getting to understand Dynamo for Revit
(alongside all the tutorials and other people posting and helping on these forums).

I had a huge boost in my learning curve when I started trying to help others on the forum!
Glad you got it working!