Copy View-Specific (Detail items) elements to new document

I am trying to copy detail items from one project to another and was trying to use

ElementTransformUtils.CopyElements(doc, elemId, targetDoc, None, CopyPasteOptions())

Unfortunately, that does not allow the copying of view-specific items, which means no detail items.

Is there any workaround for this that anyone has come across?

Thank you!

See what is exposed in this thread maybe:

I totally misread the

ElementTransformUtils.CopyElements(view, elemId, view, None CopyPasteOptions())

I thought it only allowed for view to view within a document, but it actually allows you to also do view to view between two different documents. Hopefully that is helpful for anyone searching.

Hi there! Did you solve this? I have the same situation here and still no clue. I can only copy views from linked file but without annotations. Any help would be appreciated