Element management

Hi, i’m beginner in dynamo.

I’m trying to duplicat a wall model from Revit with dynamo and i would make a list of this element to manage. And i didn’t find element.copy option in my dynamo 0.8

Any idea or tutorial?


Try one of the Translate nodes.

Translate creates and moves an instance/copy of any geometry from it’s original position to a new position. The original geometry remains.

Thank you for your replay,

have you any example of this?


thank you


How can i modify your example to duplicate an element from revit

Thank you

You can extract the geometry of an element from Revit using Element.Geometry and duplicate in Dynamo.

However if you want to duplicate elements in Revit using Dynamo, the functionality may be limited and little more complicated.

For instance, if you want to duplicate a wall, you might need to extract it’s parameters and create a new wall using Wall.ByCurveAndHeight or Wall.ByCurveAnd Level


Hi VIKRAM, thx a lot for your precious help.

So how can i regroup many geometry in one geometry to translate?


In order to Translate, it is not necessary to group multiple objects together. If the multiple objects are part of a list they can be manipulated as one.

I’m not sure as to whether I properly addressed your concern. If you could elaborate (preferably with some sketches/screenshots/graphics), it would help understand your question and intent better.


Homehello mr. vikram, i want to have a varying distance of certain points in a geometry in a translate.how can i make different point location with the same length in a translate?here’s my dynamo file Home