Moving massive amount of Revit elements of any type from one point to other with Dynamo

Do you have experience with dynamo moving a bunch of Revit elements from one point from other?

I got error reports as result to move with Dynamo like:

  • Can’t keep elements joined, for walls, model lines.
  • Slab Shape Edit failed, in Basic Roof .
  • Element is reversed, for Walls
  • Can’t make Extrusion, for floors
  • Can’t cut instance of xxxx out of Wall
  • Instance(s) of xxxxx not cutting anything, for Door/Window
  • Floor sketch is invalid
  • Can’t make type xxxxx, for structural column
  • Base sketch for roof is invalid, for basic roofs

I think dynamo moves one by one following the given order of a element list and some elements belong to others with more geometrical dependency or restriction.

I had in mind maybe would be a solution to create a filter selection set with dynamo and move all at once but I do not find that possibility with Dynamo nodes.

any idea of what could sort out the issue moving Revit elements massively?

Do it manually with searchsets! thats the best way!

1.) in 3D view switch on all categories
2.) select all
3.) Save Selection f.e. “All Elements_V1”

4.) call the selection in a 2D view
5.) Move these elements

For sure you will have errors and warnings
save them, and go one by one!



Groups can help here.

I agree, that worked better. A way to create group is to link the same project in the project and bind it, remaining as group with attached details on views, and move the rest of elements that are not in the group with Dynamo.

  1. Delete all model elements in a site view.
  2. Link same project in it.
  3. Bind the link as group with attached view details.
  4. Move the rest of elements that were not deleted with Dynamo, not model elements (quite a lot)

Better move project base point

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It doesn’t change anything since Revit 2020, free point. Model follows internal point, not the other. If you know a way to do it let us know

@ruben.romero @RubenVivancos but why come in this situation where you need relocate all elements??, do as @Draxl_Andreas say :smiley:

If it’s a link the relative location of the internal origin is irrelevant - you can callout coordinates from the project base point or the survey point after linking, without issue. Or is this for some other downstream workflow?

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models do not sit under the real world coordinates used by surveys, then the need to fix internal point everywhere because other file formats only use internal origin and do not understand shared coordinates, survey point, project base point.

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