Moving dynamo element without duplication

Hi, i’m beginner in dynamo.

What I’m trying to do is use dynamo to move the original Revit element instead of creating another solid. I’ve tried Translate.geometry node to move the revit element but its duplicating the element within the dynamo space, Is there a way of moving dynamo element that actually moving the Revit element instead of duplicating it?

Any ideas or tutorials?

Thanks in advance

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Get and Set Location should do it, see here:

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@Yna_Db Thank you for the advise, it was the node that I’ve been looking for, I’ve manage to get it working on a test model but when I’ve tried to run on my big model it keep crashing.

Are you running it in the automatic mode?

And just FYI, Translate.Geometry isn’t really “duplicating” the Dynamo geometry. Dynamo just previews the entire graph (by default) at once, so you’re seeing the original geometry AND the translated geometry at the same time.

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