Overriding colors(element) in certain views


I would like to know if it’s possible to override the color of some elements in certain views.
My graph works well in the active view but not in the views I would like.

My knowledge of python and the revit API is limited or null. I tried to modify the clockwork Element.OverrideTransparencyInView node but it doesn’t work.

Please repost your first image. Be sure to zoom in until your nodes are legible then use the Export Workspace as Image button in the top right corner.


I didn’t notice.

Node previews would be nice as well. It’s hard to tell what your graph is doing without them.

I have also attached the graph.

What I am trying to acomplish is to reveal elements assosiated to level by means of colors.
For that I have created several views by category of element. Columns, Walls, Beams, etc.
For the moment, I have to open each view at the moment of running the script becaus the Element.OverrideColorInView node only works in the active view. What I need is the same node with the possibility of adding a view as well. So I can run the script once.

Thank you.detector de niveles.dyn (169.5 KB)