Element Change Level Node - Broken?

Hi Team,

Does anyone have an alternative node to use than that found in the Genius Loci Package
“Element Change Level”

I ask cause i am getting some unexpected results from the node.
To explain further i will explain my process;

  1. Move all elements to Temp level.
  2. Move Original Level to new position
  3. Change element back to original level

But what is happening is the elements when i run the below code are moving a little bit and not associating themselves with the new level, but no error messages are given in dynamo.

Hi @m.fasher,

Make sure you are using an updated version of the Genius Loci package.
What types of items do not change levels? Items with a host ?
Can you share your Revit file (by private message if the data is sensitive) ?

Hi Max,

The OOTB All Elements at Level node doesn’t collect the pipes, ducts, cable trays, beams…
Instead, use the All Elements at Level + to change the level of pipes and pipe fittings at once.

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Thanks Alban,

This now works prefect as intended.