Change Reference Level - Script wont run

Hello All,

I have a historic script i made and used regularly that would take services from a referance level and put them on another.

I have not used dynamo for years, but need to run this script and am finding it no longer works. Would anybody be able to shed some light on why this may be?

Thank you


I think that the Familyinstance.Location Node is the issue.

Does anyone have or know of a node that could replace this, it was part of the clockwork project.

thank you

Hi Dan,

You should use the Element Change Level node. It will be much simpler: no need to calculate the new location of the elements.
Change Level

Hi Alban,

Thanks so much for your responce.

Do you have an example i can see which shows where this node would go.

All the best!


It’s that simple :


Sorry Alban,

Its working, thank you so much for your help!

I really appreciate it.

This is amazing, and has saved me so much trouble.

Installation happening on site next month and we were in abit of a pickle so thank you for your help its much appreciated.

All the best


Thanks Alban!