Element binding on sketch-based elements

@jacob.small could you clarify something for me please. I vaguely remember @Zach_Kron telling me a long time ago on the forum that element binding doesn’t work for sketch-based elements such as floors. Therefore re-running a graph (after the file and been saved, closed and reopened), will create duplicates, not update the element. Testing in Revirt 2022 and Dyanmo 2.12 this still appears to be the case. Is this correct?

Interestingly, Rhino.Inside Revit seem to have overcome this limitation.

Just ran a test and binding definitely works in-session and across sessions in both 2019 and 2022… GIF here is from 2022 and shows cross session binding and the bindings in the text view of the file:

I wouldn’t be too surprised if there is something else going on which prevents bindings in some cases for floors and such because sketch based items are complex… maybe a change in the number or type or curve which would create an invalid sketch? Oddly enough I recall a similar conversation with Zach before my AU session, so it may also be from the way back machine, with versions that are no longer supported and shouldn’t be in use.

Are you using functions, custom nodes, Python, or something other than out of the box nodes?

@jacob.small sorry I should have been clearer. I was referring to floor creation, such as floor finishes by rooms. Checking again I can see element binding is working. (Maybe I was using Dynamo Player earlier, which obviously doesn’t save the bindings). But for sketch-based items, these elements seem to be deleted and re-created as tags will drop off. For non-sketch based elements, I understand they are updated, rather than re-created.

Rhino.Inside seems to be able to update the floor sketch as tags don’t drop off…

Ah! This makes sense in Revit as the binding mechanism in Dynamo predates the ability for sketches to be edited, so the mechanism element being tagged is of a new GUID, has a new UV, sketch, sketch plane, and a whole bunch of other stuff. The capability to deal with unhosted tags was also updated in that timespan.

Other element types wouldn’t have so many issues as the element itself is really just being relocated rather than the many parts which make up it’s form.

Can you check if parameters edited are list as well (make the floor and close the graph, make a comment, edit the sketch, open the graph and recreate the floor via bindings, check the comment)? I’ll file an issue on the Github on Monday (next time I’ll see my work computer).