Elements in Revit disappear after running Dynamo for the second time


When I create elements in Revit like a simple wall through Dynamo there are two problems.

Sometimes the elements are created and sometimes not. There is only a line in Revit but not the wall. Also when I close a Revit project and save the Dynamo scrips and open the dynamo script again, the elements disappear.

Is there a simple way to be able to open a Dynamo script that has all the elements for a totally new Revit project and all the elements that were created in Dynamo comes back to the new Revit project?

Thanks for replies in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Post an example graph showing the sometimes created sometimes not issue. Often this is due to visibility, units, or an error in the graph. It’s hard to see what it is without having something to look at though.

The elements previously created is due to element binding. This can be cleared out be either removing the element binding section of the .dyn. You can prevent it by running the graph without elements bound and not saving on future runs, only running the graph via dynamo player, or utilizing transactions and more direct calls on the Revit API. Search the forum and you’ll see several great examples.

You can get move elements between .rvt files with Dynamo, but often it’s easier to just bind links or copy/paste data. The dynamo method used for this will depend on what you’re moving and what your skill level is - it’s not an easy first graph and if you’re asking about element binding then you likely have a way to go before you’re ready for it. Learn to crawl before you run and all that.


Thank you for the reply, this is what happens when I am trying to create this simple wall through Dynamo. There is only a line in Revit and not the wall.

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by removing element binding. Is there a node that does that? I will use Dynamo player in the end when I’m done with the whole graph.

Do you think you can send me back an example of my graph that creates the wall even though I start a new project in Revit but are using the same Dynamo graph?

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The line you are seeing is the output of the Line.ByStartPointEndPoint node actually. Same for the two points (output of Point.ByCoordinates).

Yeah I know, but how do I connect that line with the wall.by.curveandheight node?

Can you preview the results for the wall.bycurveandheight node?


Yeah strangely I can see the wall now, I just changed the Revit project from structural to architectural. Now I can see the wall and its created even if I start a new project in Revit. I don’t know why it’s like that but I will go with the architectural project. Thank you for your help.

It’s because of the vissability settings in Revit. The created wall is a architectural wall and not a structural wall. You can use a set parameter by name node to change the setting off the wall. And change it into a structural wall.


Alright now I get it, I didn’t think of that. Thank you for the reply.