How can it happen, that Element Binding works sometimes with Dynamo Player

Today with Revit 2022.1 (Dynamo 2.12) a customer has used Dynamo Player in a training session. It was a very simple script that creates a single wall. But instead of creating a new wall with every player run, the wall was refreshed. He dragged the wall manually to another place, changed the height manually. Every time he runs the player button the wall refreshed. I was expecting a new wall every time (like everyone else).
After he was playing with the input parameters (I don’t know what exactly he did) there was no element binding behavior in the Player any longer.
How can this happen?

@jacob.small Element Binding Expert pls :slight_smile:

/e: thanks to the zoom recording, I have a video:

The call is coming from inside the house! I repeat, the call is coming… oh, wait, wrong noun…

The bindings are coming from inside the dyn! I repeat, the bindings are coming from inside the dyn!

Basically they authored the graph, made the wall, saved it (and in doing so serialized the bindings into the file), and then closed he graph and ram it via Dynamo player. Because the bindings are already saved, the one element will update it’s location continuously in that file, and the graph need not be saved to overwrite the binding as the GUID for the wall never changes, it just changes location.

If they try a new file things should not update, but it will be slower than it could be (should be?) as the graph will reach for the bound elements and come up empty. The best fix is to clean the binding out of the file via text editor and delete the binding data that way, or open the graph, disconnect a wire causing the wall node to become a function, run the graph to remove the binsing (and the wall to be deleted), reconnect the input, and save the graph without running anything. Once done run all future uses via Dynamo Player and the bindings will never be utilized.