Trying to insulate a Duct System

I am trying to insulate Ducts based on their systems but the script run completes without the pipes being insulated at all. I am filtering the IDs and using the Create() method from the RevitAPI

Can anyone see where my issue lies?

The insulation type needs to be input like this, by choosing from the Element Types:

In case the code is not clear enough:

Thank you for the input. That wasn’t the issue, sadly.

I can see the code is from the MEPover custom node; did that not work like it should? The code you have now will only work for a single element and it will most likely give an error as you are inputting all elements from your active view that belong to a certain system. This could also include mechanical equipment which cannot be insulated. Also the elements need to be unwrapped.

That was the issue. Thank you.