Edit mark, comments fields in revit links

Hi all,

At my work I have to create structure drawings for houses starting from an architectural model. So I split up the house into different structure walls, beams, structure floors, … all elements that can be prefabricated. Every element I give his own number by using the mark or comments field in the properties.
But what happens a lot that we have the exact same model house but in mirror formation or exact copies.
In case there is a mirror model I use his opposite model that I worked out and copy the file and mirror the whole house what works. But on a lot of sheets I create we use tags to represent the mark, comment info. In case it’s on a 3D view sheet the tags are not mirrored. So I have to replace them manually but also I need to rename some elements because in the mirrored file we have to give new nr’s to the elements.
So this all manual work that takes some time even if the global model is the same.

And for example once all structure models are worked out and there is a change I need to work on all the models to make the same change.
I was thinking if I could use links for my copied or mirrored models so I only have to work at one model if there is a change to be done.
But the big problem is that I cannot rename some elements on a linked model what I understand.
But I was wondering if there is no way to edit this tags on a linked model maybe by dynamo? Even the possibility to put extra information after the existing comment tag, mark would be great if it’s not possible to change it?

Regards Andy

I believe as I tried before that you can’t make any changes in the linked model, so as I understood from ur problem that you want to implement the changes on the other models(which are linked), if I were you i will get the linked elements ID’s and save them in excel with changes after that i will make dyn that read the excel and make the changes to elements Parameter(to be run in the other models).

check this topic to know how to read the ID’s of the linked model.

Thx for your reply. I will try to get the linked elements ID in excell and let you know, such things are kinda new for me.
It’s indeed the meaning for change some mark, comments information in the linked models, so the tags will change to this new information.

I’m struggling a bit with the linked element ID. I cannot find how to do this, I see different options/solutions but cannot download one of those examples, and creating them by myself is at this moment still too difficult :frowning:

Hi @avs you can search how to do this in the forum. Nevertheless, to give you a step forward to your goal, you can use archi-lab nodes.

fyi, the number node has a value of “1” to call my structural revit link which is in index no.1
Hope this helps.

Finally found all the nodes as you exampled but I got a warning in the element ID: ‘Dereferencing a non-pointer’. What could be wrong? I really would like to achieve what I wan’t but it’s somehow frustrating because this is so new to me :slight_smile:

@avs you need to connect doc. Currently your connecting link.

Thank you, it works :-). In the screenshot I did choosed categories floors and this seems correct.
But next step would be to export the id’s to excell and how can I know wich floorplate corresponds with the nr’s from the list?

that’s why I told you use Data shapes node to control which view you get the ID’s from, for example you can get the all elements In the level one only. as the picture below

Thx, I tried as from your example, and think I understand it a bit better now. As you can see in the screenshot below I did choosed a particulary plan view from the link, and set the categorie on floors. Normaly I should get one list result with the id nr from floor nr P20R but what I ever try I get every time an empty list?

Even when you put the Boolean to true ?, if you can share ur models with us.

Yes, it doesnt make a difference when I change the Boolean to true, still no list.
I made a folder ‘test dynamo’ that you can upload. The file ‘typeX4L_lot24’ is the one where the link is loaded at.


The elements showed with floor plans, check the picture below

Thx, I took this over and it seems to work also with me :slight_smile:
What I notice is if I check in the floorlist, that a certain plan view where you can see all the 6 floorplates of my linked model has one id nr(marked in green) and if I Look to a plan view that has only one floorplate it gives a new nr.
Am I right that you can control for example every floor element by sheet individually? Sorry if my english is not so good.
So the next step will be to export this nr’s to excell but this is also very new to me.

i am sry i didn’t understand ur question, it showing different ID numbers but maybe these elements are the same in other views, but anyway yes you need to take the ID,'s number as 1st column and the second column the changes(That you want to implement on the linked models). If you make search in the forums you find a way to export/read from excel it’s not hard. try and let me know if you need help.

I was wondering you said before that you did mirror the model and save it in different rvt file but the files that you send me it’s only include the linked model, where the original model ?. you need the original model to take parameter changes from it and save it in excel as i mentioned before

Ok, will first try to figure by myself to export to excell.
The file ‘lot20’ was the original model, in file ‘lot24’ I inserted ‘lot20’ as a link and mirrored then.
I assume that dynamo only can find elements from the original model in that file with the link?