I am in a bit of a pickle here. During model cleanup linked Revit model was deleted (there are no previous versions and cannot be recovered). As a result 7000 Hosted elements are now orphaned. the previously linked model can be relinked. is there a way to re-host those elements using dynamo ( re-hosting to the nearest wall or something like that)… your help is highly appreciated. thanks

Are you absolutely certain the parent model has no chance at recovery/rollback?

To my knowledge the dynamo workflow for rehosting orphaned elements is to source the location, then create duplicate elements in the same location with the correct reference hosting element, then delete the original orphaned elements. In terms of figuring out WHAT reference hosting element to host to, with 7000 elements you might run into some logic issues if you just do a simple geometry intersection check. Consider dividing this list by common element categories and usage first so that you can simplify comparisons (like only comparing light switches to walls).

You’re going to want to do this in parcels and visually inspect between runs to make sure placement is correct.

And save backup files!!

Revit 2022 has some new functionality to help with the resolution.

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