Is there a Website for functioning Dynamo Scripts?

Does anyone know of a website that is a repository for functioning Dynamo Scripts? I am thinking of something like the LISP websites where we can go search for a specific functionality and download the script for our use.

Here you go


That would be great. There are plenty of “node” repositories, but running “scripts” are no where to be found. What kind of “script” was you looking for?

Agreed! does have a decent number of scripts, but I am wondering if anyone has created a fairly comprehensive library, segmented into topics. This website that would allow users to upload their own script, describe and categorize, and state what packages are required to run. Maybe it would allow people who downloaded to review or comment on problems that occurred.


Actually I am not looking for a specific script, but I have run across several in various classes that would be useful to my office. Since we now have the dynamo player, giving users access to an in-house library would be fantastic. However, finding functional scripts is currently quite difficult. Of course, I am actively learning Dynamo, and having a place to search for and download scripts would help me tremendously.

Same here. If you have a script you need in mind, I might have one or something similar I wouldn’t mind sharing.

@Steve_Fong1 @kiknchikn2060 this sounds like a better option:

For me, that’s not exactly what I was looking for. Although, I can see the potential in this so thank you for the share. The website I had in mind would allow you to search for .dyn files rather than .dll files. For example, you want a script to change certain room names. You would type in the search bar change room names which would produce a list of .dyn files that meet the search criteria. I personally prefer reverse engineering since it’s how I truly learn.

Hi @kiknchikn2060

In that case use forum search bar to get a list of topics that matches your query and you can find the solution inside the topic.

@kiknchikn2060 Each to his own, but I would say that your position is counter to the all important aspect of computational thinking, where typically there are a multitude of solutions to a given problem and, like writing an essay, everyone has their own style. I prefer solving problems using applied mathematics, whereas others arrive at the same solution taking a purely geometric route or by utilising packages.

The problem with reverse engineering others scripts is that they might be highly idiosyncratic, or simply poor which will either give you with the same bad habits or inhibit your ability to learn (as it likely wont make sense!). Clearly you’ve established where computational tools can benefit your workflow…now is the chance to solve it by building up your own knowledge and understanding.

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Newbie here, so take this with a grain of salt, and the rest of you please critique if this is incorrect, but you might be looking for Packages? I’m trying to figure this out myself, so here’s what I learned trying to find the same stuff you’re looking for and just happened on this FAQ:

Script vs Node vs Package vs ??

“Script” is programming that can be done within Dynamo, such as coding and running a script written in the Python language. In short, all the stuff you don’t see inside each Dynamo Node that gets it to do something.
“Node” is a preprogrammed block of script with graphical inputs and outputs. Some people seem to use Script and Node interchangeably.
“Package” is a collection of custom nodes, scripts, and what have you.
"??" What is the appropriate term for a DYN file? Is there a repository of DYN files, or am I just using the wrong term here? Looking through the Help section, Autodesk just seems to refer to it as “File.” I got to this FAQ by searching “scripts” myself. Hence my self-appointed Newbie title, since Steve is in fact looking for Script repositories.

Where to find these

NODES/SCRIPTS (is this what you’re looking for, Steve?)

?? (I’ll update when someone helps with this)

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I really need to correct my terminology with Dynamo. Thank you for the explanation of the different terms. This is what I was thinking. Say I want to tag all doors per multiple views. I would type in the search bar “Tagging doors per Multiple View” This would appear in the search results.

Yes but I’ve been like this for a long time. Also, @Konrad_K_Sobon’s work is a good example. I took what he did, recreated it, and picked it apart to see how it works. Because of him and his work, I now have a basic understanding of Dynamo and have created over 50 scripts for my office. (Thanks Konrad, btw).

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Autodesk in one place appears to call DYN files “definitions,” but in another “programs,” and in another part ignores both and just calls it a File. I’m back to being confused.



I specifically meant .dyn files.

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So in this case you’re calling a .DYN (aka Definition aka Program aka File) a Script? In which case we’re all talking about the exact same thing?

Yes, I was. Whether that is proper, I do not know…

@jkucia List, array, collection…they all mean the same thing. Definition, script, program, file also mean the same thing. Of course, it depends on the context. Everyone knows what a file is. The reason why you might be getting confused is because of the blurring of lines between visual programming and text-based programming. The term ‘definition’ as opposed to ‘script’ was popularised by visual programming in Grasshopper, since many users who had no experience of coding (the vast majority are from the creative industries) were able to relate to the term more than ‘script’ which was more synonymous with text-based programming. Also, many text-based programmers sneered at visual programmers, and they too I feel helped to solidify this perception. However, over time this attitude has mellowed, and now I see visual programmers capable of doing things which a whole swathe of text-based programmers can only dream of. As a result, the term ‘script’ has been adopted widely by the visual programming community since it’s technically correct, and this has undoubtedly led to a lot of confusion, certainly amongst beginners.

A program is simply a series of instructions that can be put into a computer in order to make it perform an operation, and this accurately describes both visual programming and text-based programming in Dynamo. Even selecting a wash cycle on your washing machine is a form of programming!

To conclude: script, definition all refer to the same thing. A ‘program’ accurately describes anything which performs an action in Dynamo. File - a general term - also applies based on the context of the subject. I hope that helps to clarify the situation. Also, I personally make a distinction between a ‘coder’ and a ‘programmer’. Coders are those who use scripting languages (and nowadays, visual programming) but typically lack the deeper lever of understanding required to write programs from scratch. And of course that also defines the difference between a programmer, who is capable of writing a program from scratch without depending on the ‘safety net’ of scripting language (which in most cases requires a host application to function, whereas the former can be completely autonomous). That said, I’m sure people with disagree with that too…welcome to the digital era!

I dont mind if its called a script, graph or whatever,
if it does what it says it does. What i find most usefull is why. Getting a grasp of it, is what counts. Understanding of why its workin or not. Using that knowledge can make me creative in finding new solutions for the next question im asked. :slight_smile:

Okay, I think I’m partway with you. Trying hard not to be obtuse here. So how does “Script” relate to Autodesk’s terms “Node,” “Package,” and “Library”? Would it be fair to say that a node is a script, and can be nested with other nodes into a collection of scripts that could also be called a script?

Taking this further: if I ask (politely) for someone to show me their brilliant collection of wired-up nodes that takes an array of structural columns and turns them into a Santa Clause, and since he didn’t use any special nodes he can just email me the DYN file, what do people call that file? And should there be custom nodes he then needs to send me a Package instead? And thus, I can ask to see his “package” and everyone knows I’m not requesting selfies?

So back to Steve’s question: I think Steve wanted to find a library of both ready-made DYN files as well as packages, and letuandinh only sent him a link to find Nodes. If packages are being deposited here (, where are people posting standalone DYN files? Is there a reason DynamoPackages is such a difficult repository to search, or am I still not getting it?