Dyno Browser 0.6.2 issues (and 0.6.1 as well)

I’ve shot a couple of emails off to the developer (one last week RE 0.6.1, and one this morning with the same issue continuing in 0.6.2), but figure I’ll try here as well…maybe someone else has a solution.

From last week using 0.6.1:
We’ve been using Dyno for some time to provide a short-cut based access to a variety of scripts, and are in the process of testing/evaluating Dynamo 1.3 for roll-out to our users, and so have also updated to Dyno 0.6.1. We have several projects that are using Revit 2016 and cannot upgrade versions. We also have several other projects working in Revit 2017.

Most of our scripts are used for placing/replacing parameter data, or for pushing/pulling data out and back in from Excel workbooks.

In my testing, I am finding that double-clicking a DYN script in the Dyno browser, the script appears to run but will return errors and does not actually process any of the steps. The attached jpg file shows an example of the errors that Dyno returns (see the 0.6.2 text for updated images and the scripts).

If I open the same script directly in Dynamo (or use Dyno to “Open in Dynamo”) and run the scripts from the Dynamo workspace, they run as expected. This issue is happening in both Revit 2017 and Revit 2016, but has only started to occur with the update to Dyno 0.6.1.

Do you have any ideas on how to resolve this?

And, this morning, after upgrading to 0.6.2:
I have just this morning updated to Dyno 0.6.2 and tested the above again with no success. Attached are JPG files showing the expanded errors shown in the Dyno browser after attempting to run these scripts. The scripts are also attached. BOTH of these scripts run perfectly when opened/executed within the actual Dynamo program.

Of further note, the Dyno.cfg file, as mentioned in your Dyno manual (located at /AppData/Roaming/Dyno/) is not actually setting anything on the user machines with Dyno 0.6.2, and the installation did not put any sort of Sample works space on the machine either.

And one last note – once Dyno has been launched in a session of Revit and has executed a script (which does not actually work per the above errors), the “Dynamo” button on the ribbon is left greyed out as though the Dynamo program is open on the machine. This remains this way even if we close the Dyno browser window. Using Task Manager in windows, the Dynamo program is not shown anywhere, so there is no way to close it again to cause it to revert back to where the user can simply use the Dynamo program instead of using Dyno.

So - anyone have any ideas?


I downgraded to in order to get it working. In another thread, the plugin author said to give 0.6.2 another try but before I had a chance, another user chimed in to say it didn’t fix the issue for them.

All the way back to 0.4.1? I’m in the process of rolling back to 0.5.0 “Bugfix 2” and seems to be working (except for a nasty fatal error if the user attempts to right click and “Check for Updates”).

Hi Casey,

I will test Dyno working with your scripts.
Also i`ve can repeate issue with disabling Dynamo button (only in Revit 2016) and will make research for solving

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I`ve solved Dynamo button issue and updated installation file.
Please reinstall last Dyno release from site

The good news is that the crashes I have experienced when right-clicking and selecting “Rescan workspace” are resolved. Also, the program is now looking at the CFG file again, which is also good news.

The bad news is that double-clicking nodes is still displaying the same behavior - the script appears to run, but returns errors and does not do anything. However, if I right-click and open in Dynamo, the script does complete and works fine.

One additional thing - Right-clicking on a script to open in Dynamo is auto-executing the script, even though the script is set to run manually. We have several scripts that we DO NOT want to run automatically on open for a variety of reasons, and this behavior is not desired.