Dyno and dynamo

Hi guys

I have tried dyno and it’s working perfectly and save a lot of time instead of opening the dynamo each time and search for the code to run it, but however for who know more about the software if in dynamo code a browser node how to make it show before running through the dyno browser.


Hi Mohammad,

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What do you mean when write “Dynamo code” and what you want show before running? I`ve not anderstood this question.

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Hi @Aleksey_Lobanov

Yesterday I was searching about that and I am think it’s about make preset, but I didn’t understand how to do that.

So one of my dynamo codes have the browse node as you see in the picture below

and after that once I run inside revit from the dyno browser as you see in the picture below

I want be able to browse for the right html file to run it as dynamo do, so is that possible, I hope you understand my question and thank you for helping.