Publish to Revit UI?

Hi all,

I apologize if this is novice question—I’m relatively new to Dynamo. I was wondering if it’s possible to publish a Dynamo file to a button that appears as a plugin in the ribbon within Revit? But just visually programmed in Dynamo instead of in C#/Revit API.


I have wondered the same thing, thanks for asking this question. It would also be sick if we could have standard graphics like the Dynamo Customizer pop-up with those buttons so people won’t have to design everything and keep it consistent, would be great to have a “Add-inamo”.

Google Dyno Browser. It’s awesome.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess more generally my question would be—what’s the best practice for publishing a plugin built within Dynamo to provide to a non-Dynamo Revit user?

Dyno Browser is the most simple solution to create a ribbon panel and Push button like a real Add-in write from C#.

if you want other control more than a button , like string / path / drop down / check box /list input ?

the best way is write a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) on a dynamo first ,

like Spring nodes Filter.BySelection and List.DropDown.

Thanks Jones Hou, I’ll look into Dyno Browser.