Dyno Browser Issue

Hi there,

I’m trying to use Dyno Browser. I think is a good idea to have buttons in a tab in order to run dynamo scripts.

The thing is, I don’t know why, sometimes Buttons doen’t work, you click them and nothing happens. I realise than when that happens, I have to open dynamo, close it and then buttons work properly again.

I use:
Revit 2019
Dynamo 2.0
Dyno 0.9.0

Cheers and thanks


I hope you are talking about “Run” button.

when your running script the Nodes will set some values, If you try to undo in revit and run the same script again the “Run” Button may not work.

For this no need to close Dynamo and open again. you can remove input of the node and Run, then again Connect them and Run again.

I hope I answered your Question.

Hi @Mepdot,

No, I’m not talking about “Run” button. I’m not even talking about Dynamo. I’m talking about Dyno.

Thks for your answer.



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FYI, @Aleksey_Lobanov


Try updating your Dynamo to 2.0.3. It works for me with Revit 2019.2 and Dyno 0.9.0


I experienced the same thing, and for me it was when I was trying to run the script on more than one project in the same session of revit. It seems to only work in the first project that was opened in the revit session?

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Hi Sigma.
Thinking twice, that’s the thing. It works just for the first project opened in Revit. If you open another project in the same revit then you have to open dynamo and close it again.

Don’t know if @Aleksey_Lobanov could fix that.



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Hi Manel,

Yup, that’s it.

At the moment I am working around it pretty well by just planning what to open and what scripts to run on the first project.
The Dyno tool is still an incredible time saver and makes the scripts accessible to a user of any experience level in Revit. So even opening and closing projects is not the end of the world.
Having said that, the ability to run on multiple open projects would be great :slight_smile:

it makes sense, Dyno is basically opening dynamo in background at startup of a revit instance, and like when you are in dynamo, you cannot necessarly run the same script on different opened projects, you usually have to close the script and reopen it in order to make it work.


We developed Nonica.io to integrate 3 Dynamo Scripts as Revit Buttons.
You only need to drag and drop your scripts into Nonica folder.
Have a look and let us know any further issue through this forum!

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