Description of Toolbar (Dyno Browser)

I’m creating a toolbar with Dyno Browser (since I still don’t master more complicated languages to develop on my own and I need a very simple way to get users to really get excited about using Dynamo).
But the following question came up: Would it be possible to modify the description of a Script in the toolbar, like the image above?

Crop - dyno Browser

As only with a simplified name it is often not clear what each routine does, I am trying to find the simplest possible way to show the description of them.

Ps. It seems to me that even if I used it via Dynamo Player I would also have this problem, right? Has anyone found an effective solution to this problem with users?

If you are willing to look at Dynamo Player you can include Watch Nodes as Output to give instructions/descriptions in the Player dialog.

If you want to take it 1 step further use the Data-Shapes package to make your own dialog boxes complete with instructions and descriptions.

I cannot speak to the descriptions in DynoBrowser since I have not used them yet.

Thanks for the reply @Bjorn_Keulemans1 ,
I thought about these possibilities too… but at the moment they are still my plan B, since it seems that it would be more user friendly to use Dyno Browser and create a toolbar from it

Found the solution:

" Script tuning parameters > desc"