Hello all,

Have any of you had any luck using Dyno to run Dynamo scripts in Revit?


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Yes, and im now looking into running it through the network so it can be deploy to users

I have used it and it can be picky with commas and curly brackets for the presets so watch out for that.


Here is a video i did of something that is very basic use of dynamo and dyno.


What are the steps to using Dyno? Do you have to write a preset for each node you use in your dynamo script or is there a node that will write the preset for you?

Thank you

You only need to write a preset for the nodes that you want to allow users to change.

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So would I have to just place my dynamo script in the folder C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Dyno\SampleWorkspaces\Test in order to run the dynamo script in Revit? Or what are the steps to set this up?


I followed the step-by-step instruction on the Dyno-website, and I succeded in creating a preset and Ribbon-button for a script.

You don’t necessarily have to create a Preset-file, Dyno runs the Dynamo-script with default node values.

You just place your .dyn-file in the Test-folder (or create a new folder)

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Hi everybody !

It’s been a while I’m looking for a tool which helps me to create shortcut icon in the Revit ribbon so thanks for this post !

Of course, I can’t make it work, it would have been too easy !

I managed to create an icon for my script and it works perfectly. Unfortunately, my script relies on an excel file which might be moved. I would like to be able to change the file’s path without having to open Dynamo. I guess that’s the aim of the “preset” system …

I created a “.dpr” file and I wrote this :

“hideOriginal” : true,
“presets” : {

“filePath”:{“type”:“path”, “mode”:“file”, “value”:“D:\NNIVIL\Bureau\Vérification_Ratios.xlsx”, “filter”:“txt files (.txt) | .txt | All files (.) | .”, “filterIndex”:2 },

I’m pretty sure it’s completly false but if someone has already done it maybe I may find some help !



@Nathan_Nivill Hi Nathan, I realize your post is a month old, but I just saw it. If you want to be able to adjust the excel file as an input, create a string input that contains the file location AND name (so something ending in .xlsx). Then, in your .dpr file you would just adjust it the same way you would adjust any string. This will be the input to your ‘filepath’ in the excel.WriteToFile component in Dyanmo. Hope this makes sense.

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Try forward slashes in your file path. E.g.:
{ "hideOriginal" : true, "presets" : { "Import":{ "File Path":{"type":"path", "mode":"file", "value":"C:/Revit/DEMO.xml", "filter":"xml files (*.xml) | *.xml | All files (*.*) | *.*", "filterIndex":2 }, "forceReopen":true } } }

Yes, just put the DYNs you want to use in the Dyno folder and they should show up in the Dyno browser on Revit restart.

Thanks for both answers, I manage to make it works !