I have finally decided it was time to post my DynaStandard extension onto the forum as it has been publish onto the package manager for a couple of months so far. DynaStandard is a content library extension that can help a select a few or a company to distribute scripts, access templates (dynamo or python) and allow for easy access to dynamo standards documentation.

DynaStandard has the ability to automatically force all scripts that are opening to be opened in dynamos manual run mode, this should hopefully stop you or anyone else accidentally creating an infinite loop or for the script to automatically run.

General Video: https://autode.sk/2V6ReB3
Run type to manual video: https://autode.sk/2MDlxOY
Github Page: https://github.com/brencass/DynaStandard_public
Download Location: Dynamo Package Website and Github project page

Direct Link to Readme : https://github.com/brencass/DynaStandard_public/blob/master/Readme%20guide%20for%20DynaStandard%20Extension%20for%20use%20in%20Dynamo.pdf

The Extension works by gathering the information required from a config file that someone will have to fill in and set up. Then it will go to the indicated locations to create the menus at the top of the menu. However, it does not load everything from your dynamo content library folder until you select the “Dynamo Library” option from the menu drop downs. Even then it will also not fill in the graph information section until you indicate it to be.

The default menu will look as following but the Python Template options can be modified via the config file to have just one way to display python templates depending on how you would like them to be displayed.

Python Template Options (Out of the Box)

Python Template Option (Selected):

Dynamo Content Library window:

About Window:

Note: I created the windows via forms when I should have created them with WPF, to allow them to be more adaptive to re-selection of nodes. This is something I will be looking at updating but did not want to keep this extension limited to only people that know me on twitter/github.


If you are using Dynastandard and one of your folders include a special character you will need to change the text to have a way to convert the special character(eg &):


I have released a new version of DynaStandard(V1.1.0) that now includes some additional features, bug fixes and a long awaited change for the Python Template selector.

New Additions:

  • The extension can now place a Custom Path onto the users dynamo to help easily manage that the users have the correct path(additional Config File Setting).

Note: The original idea for adding to the custom path was posted by @oliver.green for help(Dynamo API - Set User Packages Location)though i did submit a solution (Dynamo API - Set User Packages Location)

  • Added the ability to ReRun nodes if they have a prefix of “*ForceUpdate”, this can be done by extension or by allowing the extension to place some code into your graph(additional Config File Setting).


  • Readme file has been updated.
  • I have modified the Python Template selector windows to be WPF instead of Forms, so they will look slightly different and better looking. Though the additional benefit is you can now leave the window open if you need to deselect or re-select more python nodes to apply a template to.



Bug Fixes:

  • If a user had a dot within there username it would bug out the template paths and in some cases stop them working.
  • Fixed a crash error if user decides to create a CustomNode while they had the Dynastandard run setter “on”.

New Python Selector Windows: https://autode.sk/323nk7n
ForceReRun nodes and Custom Package adder: https://autode.sk/3i7Z75l

Dynamo SandBox Message:

Dynamo Hosted in Revit:

Dynamo Hosted in Civil 3D:

Note: The original Python code for ReRunning nodes was created by @john_pierson in the following post Force Run Python, though i have modified things and created a Civils 3d Version.

Where to get the update:
Same places as the first post(Dynamo Package website or Github Project page)