References for pkg.json

Hi guys, I’m developing a package and I cannot find any reference on how to create the pkg.json file: any help?
I’ve looked into:

  • GitHub samples (ok I can copy the content, but it doesn’t help),
  • GitHub dynamods readme,
  • @teocomi site (link broken on how to create it),
  • dynamo primer.

I’ve also tried copy it from another package and modifying, but it gives me an error about the file header and doesn’t load the package.
I wish to understand what is mandatory in the content (I saw different files have different content) and how to properly fill.
Thanks in advance

Have you got a example of where you have got up to so we can see where you have got up to? also indicate how the package is built, eg dlls or dyf etc etc.

Also to help you here is a copy of the pkg file i sue for Dynastandard, this package is a view extension package via dll instead of dyf files.

I believe this will be created automatically when you publish the package.

Sorry for the broken link!
I usually edit exising .pkg files (example), or you could use @alvpickmans 's VS extension which will generate that file for ya:

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Thank you all for the prompt replies, but it doesn’t solve my problem :frowning:
The package is made by zero-touch, so some dlls. Trying and trying again, I’ve found the issue was the name of class into “node_libraries” json list. I’ve correct it but i’ve got this new (for me) error:

“Impossibile verificare un pacchetto denominato CADDY trovato in C:\ProgramData\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2.10\packages\CADDY per controllare se contiene file dll firmati. A dll file was not found at C:\ProgramData\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2.10\packages\CADDY\bin\CADDY.DXF.dll. No certificate was able to be verified. verrà ignorato”.

It’s talking about cannot find a signed dll…have them to be signed now? In past I’ve done some packages of nodes without problems. I’m trying on Dynamo sandbox 2.10

I’ve nailed the solution: looking here I’ve found the problem is package location! Once I moved it into %appdata%, the problem disappeared.

PS: pkg.json content still a undocumented thing, I think everyone just copy and edit, but it will be good to have some references on github pages.