Dynastandard config issue

I’m not understanding something on how to set up Dynastandard - I’ve followed the readme, and installed the package in the Revit\Packages folder in appdata, and have edited the .xml file in the extra folder. When I try and use the plugin in Dynamo, I see “Template location setting is currently set to NA and should be corrected as per the ReadMe guide.”

What am I missing here @Brendan_Cassidy ?
Do I also need to install the package under Dynamo core?

It depends which version of dynamo you are running, if you are running dynamo from within revit then you install it in the dynamo revit folder. But if your running dynamosandbox then you need to put it in dynamo core as well.

Also could you send me a copy of the xml file to make sure it is right as sometimes if you have deleted a > by accident it can cause that message to still show.

This is in Dynamo 2.0 - I have also tried in 2.1 with the same problem.
I can’t seem to post XML in a code block with markdown, so here’s an image…

The only thing I can think of is that the & in my file paths is reading as a special character? If so, how can I escape that?

Yes it will be the “&” because it is a special character, therefore replace it with the & amp ; as per the image below(no spaces between & and a).


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Fantastic, thank you. Looks like I can use this awesome package now :grin:

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