Dynamo Template

Is there a way to switch out the default blank workspace with a different template file when the user selects new file?



Hello Nate Holland,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any mechanism to set any template for New File.

But I would definitely like to know more about your workflow.

What exactly you want and why?





By having a template we can standardize workflows across our firm. Notes for the author, purpose and directions for using the script. We can also embed custom nodes that perform certain actions when a definition runs or loads.

This would be helpful as we could have prebuilt logic that could be unforzen and copied as needed. As well as leaving in any python, webhooks, sql, slack or other data logging tools for graph creation. Or if we could open multiple scripts in the window and tab between them would also help with this.

ok that’s a very old thread, but this may help: https://github.com/brencass/DynaStandard_public

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