Dynamo visibility issue

Dear dynamo users,

since last week I upgrade my laptop to windows 10. After de upgrade i can’t see any geometrie in dynamo. Only in Revit i see dynamo lines so i now the script works and ther is geometry. I have already checked the visibility settings in dynamo and compared it with a colleague. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?"

Greeting, Bart

You need to force Dynamo to use the descrete graphics card instead of the one built into the chipset. This is usually done by the software used by the graphics card’s control software.

There are several good sources for how to do this. The instructions here are fairly complete and work for both of the major card manufacturers.

Thanks for your reply. unfortunately this solution does not work with me laptop

What graphics card do you have?

I have a Nvidia M3000M

Can you take a screenshot of what the settings are inside the nvidea control panel?