Dynamo 0.8.1: No Geometry Preview

I’m encountering a problem that’s forcing me to roll back to 0.8. I’m not able to see any geometry preview – only blank space, not even in a watch 3d node and i don’t see the 3d grid, through Revit or in standalone. I tried turing hardware acceleration off in Revit, but that didn’t help. The graphics card I have is an AMD FirePro M5100, and has exceptional performance with all other 3d applications, including previous dynamo version.


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated?

are you possibly on a machine with multiple graphics cards that auto switch?

Just realized that this issue happens only if I’m remote accessing the computer with Dynamo installed on - which is what I do regularly. Unless there is a fix for graphics to behave properly during a remote session (which was perfectly ok for all previous versions), it doesn’t look like i’ll be able to use 0.8.1 for the moment.


Thoughts appreciated.