My grid and geometry fail to show on my Dynamo 2.0.2.

I have grid showing selected on, the correct viewing, and select my NVIDA high processing graphics card to be used with my Dynamo Sandbox… I have windows 10 and am using a Dell XPS. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Please help :frowning: nothing i create shows up…

Many thanks,

Are you launching Dynamo Sandbox or Dynamo for Revit?

I am using Dynamo Sandbox

Can you post a screencast showing the graphics card configuration?

Hello Jacob,

thanks for your response - yes, i have placed a screenshot here.

My gut says to adjust one of the features from ‘global setting’ to on. Unfortunately I have no idea which as I can’t see them all. Perhaps associated to OpenGL?

i don’t know if works like dynamo for alias… are you installed the directx for dynamo ?

Hello, these are my global settings options… so there’s two options for OpenGL, should I change from Auto-Select to GeForce?

And these are the rest of my global settings (sorry couldn’t place more than one image as a new user…)

How may i check that it is definitely installed? :slight_smile:


i don’t know, but try to reinstall

Thank you so much, most helpful of you - it now works! Perfect.

Please be sure to mark the solution so others can learn from this topic.

Glad you’re sorted out. :smiley:

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