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Dynamo for Robot Structural Analysis enables the analysis of more design options, and more complex structures. Based on the Dynamo geometry, structural engineers can create an analytical model, apply section shapes and boundary conditions, and create loads. It improves structural engineers productivity and allows them to iterate through design options faster and more fluidly.

This place is for all people who want to share their thoughts, concerns, ideas for future development and anything else that concerns Dynamo-RSA link. If you are using or planning to use Structural Analysis for Dynamo your voice will be heard and will impact the future of this package.


Hi! I’m a structural engineer and new with dynamo. I installed the sandbox but I don’t know how I can make the connection with robot (like it works with revit). Can you help me? Thanks!

All you have to do is go to the Online Package Search in Packages menu in Sandbox, search for “Structural Analysis for Dynamo” package and install it.
Then the list of available nodes for RSA will appear under the side menu on the left side of Dynamo,