Dynamo Structural Truss

Hi Dynamo Users,

I have got a problem.

I watched this exercises in youtube.

And I am trying this example in Revit Dynamo.

But I did not .

I attached screenshot and Dynamo file.

Warm Regards.

I attached my dynamo files

I am using Revit 2018 in Dynamo.


Hi Tolga,

Could you post a screenshot highlighting the problem?


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I would also prefer to see a screenshot of your graph clearly indicating the issues you have.

Hi Giovanni ,

Structural truss not running.

I attached link .

Hi Yna,

Structural truss not running.

This site Autodesk 360 drive my dynamo file link.


Hi Tolga,

Your script works fine when I run it:

Did you press the Run button in the bottom left corner?

Hi Givanni ,

Why does not mine work? :slight_smile:

Yeah , automatic.

Can you edit the WireSpaceTruss node and check that all the nodes inside are working?

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Hi Giovanni ,

Thanks for everyhing.

Problem is solved :slight_smile: