Dynamo says "Run Complete" instantly, doesn't actually run - no action in Revit or design space


This particular .dyn was working perfectly, no changes had been made since last time I ran it. Same version of Revit, same version of Dynamo. Now when I open and hit “Run” it instantly returns “Run Complete” but only returns Null and does nothing is Revit or Design Space. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Also, I tried copying and pasting the graph into new .dyn, same thing. Tried with different excel file in multiple different file locations, same thing. Different .dyns in multiple different file locations as well. Kind of at a loss right now. Everything was working perfectly on Friday.

Check to see where your first ‘null’ is in the nodes upstream, that will be the node that you have to fix.

Every single node has ‘null’. It says run complete but I dont believe its actually running. I just tried placing a completely stand alone simple geometry node and same thing.

Anything odd in the console (pull up from the bottom of the workspace)?

Not that I can tell. However when I have this up and click run it says Run Completed but there in no action in the console.

Looks like you have some package cleaning to do (delete an Archilab, remove a reference on the H drive which isn’t loading, and ensure all packages are built for 2.0 - Dynamo for rebar in particular), but none of those should cause this beahavior.

Try starting Dynamo Sandbox and see you can make a point at 0,0,0.

I opened up dynamo and created a new file and ran this simple test - everything fine:

Then I pasted the graph that wasnt working into that file - doesn’t work, says run completed with warnings but there are no warnings and none of the new nodes were ran but it still has the geometry I placed initially :

Any thoughts?

Can you upload the graph and any Revit content required to run it?

maybe you could try performing a disk cleanup on your workstation. If that doesnt help, then you will need to replace each “null” nodes with a exactly new nodes. thats what i did to get a fix but i still have no idea whats the issue…

I would rather not just for IP reasons. It is weird because I have been saving my own back ups once a day, and the back up from the day before this happened works perfectly fine. But if I try to copy anything from the graph thats not working on to the working graph, the entire file stops working! My computer has ghosts apparently. I appreciate your help and will let you know if I get to the bottom of it.

I will attempt a disk cleanup and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion. Luckily a backup from the day before works fine, so at most I lost a days work. However now I am just curious what on earth happened.

So… I went into the corrupted file and worked backwards, deleting nodes from newest to oldest. It seems that one of my code blocks, if called upon, stopped the entire graph from running for some unknown reason. It was just a block with a written out if statement. When I created the same statement using the dynamo ‘if’ node, everything worked fine. Really weird.

I appreciate the help guys! Thank you!

Please consider that not sharing the file keeps the problem isolated to your system. This is neither ideal for you (the issue may come back if the fix isn’t complete), nor future users (who may come across the problem), nor the development team (who spend a lot of time making sure you don’t have problems like this).

Would you be willing to do any of the following:

  • Submit a ticket with autodesk support so you can share the file in that closed channel.
  • Start a GitHub issue so a member of the development team can resolve the problem by reaching out directly.
  • PM me and I’ll get you my Autodesk email you can send the relevant files and I can share the files with the development team internally.

All three of these keep your IP undisclosed to the world, limiting exposure to those inside Autodesk (we are more concerned with getting you up and running that what your graph may be doing); gets you to the root of the problem in the most complete way possible; allows Autodesk to address whatever the underpaying issue may be to protect all of us against this issue in the future.

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Although it won’t help the OP since this is months ago, for those who are trying to resolve such an issue:

Mine got fixed by deleting nodes and running until I found the one causing the problem. Once I deleted it, everything went back to normal.

Oddly enough, I pressed undo until all my nodes were back and now they all work (including the problematic one).