Dynamo stops to updating the points in auto mode

I have downloaded the student version Revit 2019. I added the two number elements and one slider element and gave them as input ot the point x,y,z it worked fine for few minutes now after few minutes of work it stopped working. even I update the values it is not updating the points.
Automode is on.

Hi @kmkxperia

Does it throw any errors? Try changing geometry scaling. If it doesn’t help show us your complete graph with errors expanded.

Do you have anything selected or active command in Revit?

No Errors are thrown… noting active selected in the window. Restating the revit resolved issue. But looks like it hangs in between while working and does not updates the values but I do not see any errors on the dynamo. Is there any way to check the errors, any logs that are generated that I can refer to and share

Update your version of Revit 2019 to the latest version and see if that helps. My guess is that you’re running into a situation where a Revit command has been started by a keyboard shortcut (delete is likely) due to a dependency issue which was resolved in Revit 2019.0.1. You’ll want to go full 2019.1 though as it has way more goodies. See here for more info:

Should I go for latest patch DynamoRevit2.0.2.20181127T1827.exe from http://dynamobim.org/hurray-for-hotfixes-revit-2019-0-1-and-dynamo-2-0-1-released/
or specific any patch

Latest Revit is a must (2019.1). Anything less than that is a performance degradation or corruption expediter.

Latest Dynamo is also best, but 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 will be fine.

I have Revit but not sure if this is Revit 2019.1 the revit version you are mentioning any way to find this

First, follow the instructions here to get your build number: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/search-result/caas/simplecontent/content/revit-2018-how-to-find-your-build-number.html

Then find said build number in the chart here to get your Revir version:

If it’s not at the top two rows, you need an update. You really want to be in 2019.1.