My Dynamo is permanantly updating

i use revit 2019 and when i use dynamo it always points ourt on the right top that there are updates…
When i press the link dynamo closes and sometimes also revit, but after restarting it is the same. As if nothing was updated.
Does any one has made the same experience?
thanks alot for a hint!

Hi @einar.kretzler welcome to the community!

what version of dynamo you are using?

may be it will help you.

Thanks for welcoming me :slight_smile: I use Dynamo Core and the same for dynomo revit.
Should i update? If yes i saw on the dynamo page several zips for downloading. Which one i should you for my revit version?

Could it have something to do with the system?
I know some schools have software that “reset” the pc when restarted.

Yes Windows in Kiosk mode, heard about that, never seen it.
Man that was quite some time ago btw.

Dynamo Builds has the update you need. You want 2.0.4, the 2nd .exe listed.

Thanks a lot Jacob. I installed 2.0.4
But i hoped that also the ability to use the DEL Key to delete things and also Copy and Paste comes back. But unfortunately not.
Is this a revit 2019 specific thing?

Historically to resolve those two issues you need to update Revit - what build of 2019 are you on? Anything other than 2019.2.2 is behind, so try getting the updates installed.

If after you update (or if you were already updated) you still have issues, try disabling all your Revit add-ins and see if that solves the issue.

Thank you Jacob,
i am on revit
Build 20180328_1600
Seems to be relativly old.
If i got to my account i only find this when i search for revit:
Revit InfraWorks Updater 2019.3 Update
No Updater for revit itself.
Am i on a wrong way?

Contact your contract administrator, reseller, or Autodesk support directly. We (meaning myself and the larger Dynamo forum community) can’t resolve account portal issues directly.