Dynamo Solids to Rhino with Rhino.Inside

I would like to send some Dynamo geometry to Rhino (I know).

I tried Speckle (really promising - love it!).
But at the moment I am using the Rhynamo package and it works in 95% of the cases. I love the simplicity and the layers. And I can create a Rhino file. Still I can only send (Poly)Surfaces and Curves. I actually want to sent Solids. So I wanted to give Rhino.Inside a try.

Thomas Mahon made already a nice boilerplate. Thanks!

There are examples of pushing Revit geometric objects to Rhino. Nice documentation.

Perhaps my biggest problem is my lag of Rhino knowledge. :man_shrugging:

Is there somebody who wants to help me push this a little further, sending Dynamo Solids to Rhino as decent as possible.