Rhino to Revit Via Dynamo v.1.1.0 / Rhynamo 2016.5.3


I am working on translating this .3DS geometry to Revit and I would like to create walls from the surfaces of the Rhino file.

I did not create the original Rhino geometry and this was generated in a very free form manner so to rationalize this and turn this into Revit content through an adaptive component or otherwise will potentially take a long time - I’m hoping there may be a way to skip a step or twenty?

I am working in Dynamo 1.1.0 and with Revit 2017 for this study.

I have the following packages installed:


I looked at these videos by Zach Kron:

I can see the geometry in Dynamo, but I can’t get Revit to make walls based on this. I only noticed three nodes that could potentially do this and one works but only barely. It makes a bunch of straight walls.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. I tried FormIt but the geometry comes in faceted or as an import element.

Tom Vollaro suggested Rhynamo. This is the first time I am touching this today.


Rhino-Test-Form.3dm (1.1 MB)

Mass_Rhino-Dynamo-Rhynamo-Revit-Exchange_Emily_2017_1.1.0.dyn (53.8 KB)

Hi @Emily_Dunne

You need to convert those polycurves to curves using “Polycuve.Curve”.

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K - I’ll try that. Thanks! :smiley:

I get an error about asked to convert non-convertible types and also an operation failed warning.

Maybe I need to filter the types of curves in the list by boolean mask?

Also, I think the large central curve comes in as an extrusion but I have not found a wall by extrusion node. :confused:

@Emily_Dunne Here is one of the possible way to do…

Here is the DYN file Mass_Rhino-Dynamo-Rhynamo-Revit-Exchange 1.2 (For Emily).dyn (14.6 KB)

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I gave up and just redid the geometry in Revit using adaptive components. This is a cool workflow though. I am checking out your DYN file right now.