Rhynamo Workflow - Translating Rhino curves into Revit walls and floors

Pretty new to Dynamo overall and trying to establish a workflow between Rhino to Revit via Dynamo/Rhynamo. After following a few tutorials, i’ve been able to translate basic Rhino extrusions to Revit walls and floors using planes and intersections.

Now I want to translate the same logic to a collection of curves from Rhino. Essentially, I have a collection of curves that represent each floor of a tower in Rhino. After bringing those curves into dynamo, I then want to create floors and walls from them. Floors seem to be working alright but when I try to apply walls it seems like Dynamo is having issues sorting out the curves from Rhino and matching them with the levels I am creating in Dynamo. Is there a way to sort these collection of curves by their Z value so that they match the levels I am creating? Any help is appreciated!

Also, if there are any other tips or tutorials to translating Rhino geometries to Revit using Dynamo would be appreciated!

I have a few tutorials around Rhino to Revit/Dynamo: https://parametricmonkey.com/tutorials/

This post is quite old now but the logic should be the same: http://dynamobim.com/forums/topic/making-revit-floors-and-levels-by-outlines-with-dynamo-from-a-rhino-file/

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