Dynamo Slows Down During Web Meetings?

I have been trying to run weekly web meetings with people in my firm to go over new graphs I have been working on. Teaching others how to build the graphs, and what all the nodes are doing in the process…

When I am working on my machine I have no problems, but as soon as I start my Zoom Meeting, hit Record and and share my screen with others, Dynamo seems to completely slow down. The search function goes at a snails pace, and running graphs that normally take only a second seem to lag on forever.

When I try to recreate the issue by just launching a Zoom Meeting by myself, I don’t seem to have any problems. I am using virtually blank revit files - and it doesn’t matter whether i am starting a blank dynamo script or opening an existing one
it just gets s l o w.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Any Solutions out there?

I haven’t seen the problem, and I do zoom meetings with Dynamo open and shared nearly daily. You may have an AV/ASW conflict.


Please keep Revit and Dynamo up to date. Dynamo is probably also pinging the packages you use. My advice is to delete all packages and install them again in their current condition and clean up your memory after doing so.