Dynamo runs slow when on home Wifi

My dynamo runs fine when I am working from work office. All my packages and programs are on the C drive. When I am working from home off WiFi, Dynamo runs slow. Both running a script and editing. Revit seems to operate fine. Is there a reason for this, and is there a fix?


Are you using any type of VPN to connect to the office, or are you entirely localized to your system?

Thanks for the reply. I am totally localized. One difference is that at work I am on multiple monitors. But currently at home just using the laptop. One or two other apps running in the background.

Can you restart your laptop, recreate the issue quickly, force quit Revit with task manager, and then post your Revit journal from that session, Dynamo log from the session, Revit ini, and Dynamo settings file?

Will look into your request because I am interested in what all this will show. But, there was a significant change once I shut down some programs running in the background and plugged my laptop into a monitor. So it may not be a Wifi problem, maybe a graphics issue. I will try and recreate the issue from before and do what you requested, but it may not be right away. Thanks for the replies.