Search in Dynamo Revit is PAINFULLY SLOW

For some reason, Dynamo running in Revit has EXTREMELY slow search performance - but only intermittently. I often have to wait several seconds for every letter i type in either the left-hand library search or right-click search. This makes Dynamo extremely painful to use. This has been true for at least the last year through various updates. Strangely, search in Dynamo standalone does not suffer from the same lag. Sometimes a simple search will take up to 30 seconds after typing, showing a spinny wheel until search results show up.

in the gif below you’ll see I can type an entire phrase before the dialog updates and returns results. This is not even close to how bad it can get:

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Could you share a list of your installed packages? We had a similar observation where a recent version of Clockwork was installed together with an outdated version and that was possibly creating some conflicts and leading to slowdowns.

Thanks Dimitar - I’ve uninstalled a bunch of old packages, we’ll see if it makes a difference.

Thank you for the report, we are working on it.

I’ve also experienced the same problem, not just in v1.3. I assumed it might be that we have our packages on a network location and causing some latency issues, but thought this would only slow down initial opening time of the Dynamo application.

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You could also try disabling your Revit addins (except for dynamo ofcourse) and then try again. I had the same problem with Revit 2015, but after disabling most of my Revit addins everything was back to normal in terms of speed.

deleting old packages seems to help but I haven’t used it extensively enough to be sure that it’s made the difference.

I’ve experienced this as well with no additional packages installed. Dynamo has the problem. Hopefully this can be fixed because at times, it’s really painful. It can also be especially embarrassing if you’re giving a tutorial!


I’ve been experiencing this with a new install of Dynamo 2.0.0 that has no additional packages installed. I’m therefore assuming that Revit Add ins may be the cause.

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Move your packages to either your local disk or a network share that is of minimal drive size (100mb?) and see if that helps.

Also can you confirm if you’re running in automatic mode?

I have the same problem, but only with Dynamo 2.0 Not with the earlier versions < 1.3.2. I hope they find a solution soon :frowning:

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Where are your packages saved? What packages have you installed?

The packages are installed at the default location. I have not changed that. I have the following installed:

  • archi-lab
  • Clockwork
  • DanEDU
  • Data-Shapes
  • Lunchbox
  • Rhythm
  • SteamNodes

Hope u have something for me to try and speed things up.

Confirm that all those packages have already been updated for 2.0. If you’re having speed issues t may be due to the conversion from 1.x to 2.0 hogging resources.

I can say that DanEDU for one have been depricated and replaced by Orchid (Which is updated for 2.0)

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I believe the Bakery package does the same.

@erfajo another option is for you to upload some kind of loader which grabs your package from github when run in the graph or checks for its existence before redownloading.

I’m not sure how this would work yet as I have not seen any examples in dynamo’s context, maybe’s package -

but there are plenty of examples on npm like selenium-standalone which requires an install step after getting the package.


Is this something an extension could come in handy? Or maybe implemented into the Package Manager itself considering the pkg.json file already has a “repository” property. Some Nuget-ish Dynamo package manager kind of thing.

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Somehow this is becoming my favorite topic of the month… always a pleasure to listen to what people are looking at distributing stuff and dreaming of the possibilities…


I kinda hope this is a wake-up call for some of the personnel of Autodesk, it seems that a lot of the developers of the sturdy packages are moving away from the platform of Dynamo, for now only with deployment of packages through other systems such as GitHub, this should indicate that the developers would like to be able to control their own content and the distribution of this. Why this is not possible within the shell of Dynamo is beyond me.

It might be bureaucracy trying to choke out the open-source idea, the inability of making a way for developers to administer their own packages or something completely different. But it’s always sad to see a system that have people jump through hoops. Just my personal opinion, Cheers.

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