Dynamo Slow then crashes Revit

I am currently having issues where I open dynamo out of Revit and the home screen takes about 30 seconds to load, I then click on new which also takes about 30 seconds to recognize a mouse click. Then once I’m in the work space and search for nodes I type in the search area and my text again takes 30 seconds to appear once I’ve typed it.

I then get fed up and close Dynamo down but this causes a fatal error in Revit (fatal error seems to be the only thing that comes up quickly) and I’m back at square one.

I have uninstalled and re-installed Revit. I have deleted the DynamoForRevit folder and pasted it back onto my C drive. I have called my companies IT guys and they are stumped.

Please help!!

Try removing all packages as a first step - I did an update on one of my versions recently and had similar results.

My computer got re-built and all the packages were removed then and hasn’t worked properly since. Because it’s included in the newer versions of revit. it removed all the packages when revit was uninstalled and reinstalled.

Restart your CPU.
Open Revit.
Start a new project.
Launch Dynamo.
Start a new graph.
Search for a node and place it.
Close Dynamo.
Close Revit.
Post your Revit Journal and Dynamo Log here and I’ll try and have a look to see if there is an identifiable cause.

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I’m getting a message saying that new users cant upload files.

Try another hosting service like google drive, onedrive, or others.

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