Dynamo search VERY slow

Hello all,

I use Revit 2019.02 and Dynamo 2.0.3 (I downloaded it from here https://dynamobuilds.com/ )

I dont have any package installed.

Is there something that I can check in order to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

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Try restarting your pc completely, it could be that your Memory Cache is completely full.

I also face this issue same version dynamo 2.0.3

Do you have find any solution?..at least to improve the situation

The only thing i could imagine is that something in with download was wrong and i would recommend completely uninstalling Dynamo and Revit and then installing Revit (2019 first, then 2019.2.2).

Start by updating Revit to 2019.2.2. Your Revit is missing a year’s worth of updates.

Then update Dynamo to 2.0.3.

Then make sure all packages are being loaded off the C drive. Network deaths can be slower depending on how things are configured.

If it’s still slow please record the behavior in a screencast so we can see the specific point of hang up.