Dynamo Scripts on read only server?

Is there any reason why I can’t have scripts run from a read only server? I don’t want firm wide access to be able to save over the scripts. Thanks in advance!

I too would like to hear an answer on this. I set up all the common packages and scripts in one location thinking I could enable all users to use a common set of packages and custom nodes, tested it and it worked fine…for me (i have full priviledges). Then after pushing out to everyone, I start getting the calls that…“This doesn’t work at all…Dynamo freezes up and won’t run”. Lo and behold - it’s the write permissions.

Here’s the rub - just because we want people using scripts we create doesn’t mean we trust them enough to give them full permissions. I think this needs to be addressed before 1.0 comes out for sure…it’s analogous to Revit Libraries - we have them set up as read-only to protect them from unwanted editors - once someone has loaded something, they can edit and use in their project, but the read-only permission on the server does not prevent them from opening Revit and loading files from the read-only library - it only prevents them from saving. In Dynamo - the read-only permission literally prevents Dynamo from fully opening from the start.

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Update: I posted this on GitHub. Looks like they are aware of it - it has something to do with the creation of backup files…All we can do is hope and wait to see if it gets fixed.

Thanks Ben! Glad to know I’m not crazy! Hope this gets resolved soon!